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NAQEZ doubts reopening of schools this year for non-exam grades

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National Action for Quality Education in Zambia ( NAQEZ) Executive Director, Aaron Chansa has said he doubts the possibility of school re-opening for non-examination grades.

He said this is due to inadequate equipment that can allow more learners while observing COVID-19 health guidelines.

In a statement just released, Chansa noted that a number of schools lacked adequate desks that could also allow them to practice social distancing.

“With a crisis of desks in most schools in the Country, National Action for Quality Education in Zambia ( NAQEZ) strongly doubts the possibility of reopening schools for non-examination classes this year.

“Our current assessment is that very few schools in Zambia would be in a position to accommodate more learners apart from examination classes.

“This is simply because most schools, especially those in rural areas, have a critical shortage of desks. In some cases , pupils are even sitting on the floor whilst learning,” Chansa stated.

Meanwhile, in neighbouring Zimbabwe education trade unions challenged the re-openings as unsafe and premature and called for social dialogue in order to ensure safe re-opening.

However, failing to get cooperation from the Government, the two largest education unions, by membership ZIMTA and PTUZ, joined by several smaller unions, took the government to court.

The court decided the case in favour of the unions. The Government said that it will comply with the decision of the high court.


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