Nalumango rubbishes fire accusations says victory is certain for UPND

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Opposition UPND National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango has rubbished accusations linking her party to gutted of court buildings and markets in the country.

And Nalumango has urged UPND Members to stay calm during the incarceration of party president Hakainde Hichilema saying victory was certain.

The UPND Chairperson said this when she addressed the press in Lusaka today, Sunday, April 23, 2017.

Nalumango who is also former Deputy Speaker of National Assembly charged that the PF needs just to sort out the mess it has created. She said the UPND vision was to make Zambia a better country for all.

Below is the press statement:


I would like to clearly and firmly state here and now that the insinuations and pronouncements from the PF that UPND supporters are behind the fire outbreaks around the country are not only false but malicious and a threat to national security. We are aware that president Lungu is under pressure to sort out the mess he has created by destroying the economy, state institutions and even our democracy. Frustrated people take all critics as enemies

The truth is that Edgar Lungu has failed to run the country. He has created division in the country through abuse of state institutions like the Zambia Police Service.

He wants to create a police state but we shall not allow him to do that. He will not succeed. It is unthinkable that the PF can today accuse us of creating widespread fires under the guise of the state of emergency declaration. Zambians know by now who is perpetrating criminal activities without being arrested.

We all know that some PF officials are on record of shooting innocent citizens and no arrests and prosecution have been made We know that even the threats of state of emergency by Edgar Lungu are all part of the grand scheme hashed several years ago to ban other political parties so as to slide the country into a one party state. The incarceration of our president Hakainde Hichilema, the mass arrests of UPND supporters every day are all part of this scheme.

Several fire outbreaks have been reported and the police have assured of investigations. We are yet to get any forensic reports on the causes of these fires. Up to now no one has been apprehended.

Our mission and vision as a party are very clear. We want a better Zambia for all- and not just for UPND members but for every Zambian. We challenge the PF to address the high prices of mealie meal, high electricity tariffs, unemployment created by the PF, shortage of drugs in hospitals and corruption, than abusing the rights of citizens after failing to provide solutions.

Our message to the general party membership countrywide is stay calm. Victory is assured.

Mutale Nalumango

UPND National Chairperson.


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