Nakacinda lashes out at UPND MPs

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National secretary of the Mutati-led MMD faction Raphael Nakacinda has called on members of parliament not to aid the UPND in their attempt to “injure the country economically” with their impeachment motion.

And Nakacinda has described the conduct of UPND MPs as immoral saying they have continued playing double standards on serious national issues. They are not dependable on national matters because they shift positions for convenience.

Speaking when he featured on the Assignment TV programme on MUVI on Sunday, Nakacinda said the UPND MPs have gone on a fishing expedition in their continued quest to remain disruptive to the governance of the country.

Nakacinda said the grounds that UPND MPs have advanced as reasons for wanting to impeach President Edgar Lungu are frivolous as they do not have evidence of any breach of the constitution but mere allegations and that other grounds were issues which they are litigating in the courts of law.

He wondered how the alleged corrupt activities of his aides can be a constitutional matter when the simplest thing was to gather evidence against those perceived to be involved in corruption and present it relevant authorities for prosecution.

He noted that the people who will suffer from what the UPND MPs action are the ordinary Zambians as their actions are likely to negatively affect the country’s economy by eroding investor confidence as the picture being painted is that of a country in a crisis when it is not.

He said the UPND has imported the conduct of South African opposition MPs which seems to be disruptive but what they have failed to do is to ensure that their allegations are proven in the constitution court before being taken to parliament so that Zambians are not left wondering on their motive.

Meanwhile Nakacinda said the UPND MPs have been playing double standards in the conduct in parliament and that their behaviour is immoral and should not be supported by well meaning Zambians.

He said Zambians should remember that the UPND MPs fully participated and supported the process of enacting the new constitution through the National Constitution Conference which was started by MMD but aborted the process when it was taken to parliament by walking out of parliament when it was time to vote because they had gone into a marriage of convenience with the PF who had been honest from the start as they had refused to participate.

He said the UPND will continue to refuse to sit on a dialogue table because the perceived tension in the country is their strategy to use the so called tension in the country to remain politically relevant.

And Nakacinda has called on the ruling party to stop being aloof in their engagement with the Zambian people because they are in office in trust of the Zambian people.

He said there is need for people charged with the responsibility to lead the nation to start engaging Zambians with the attitude of servitude and ensure that they communicate the information with soberness as opposed to using the arrogance of numbers.

He noted that the debate which has been put forward on the issue of impeachment by the PF from all those involved including State House has not been fully appreciated because instead of giving out information people have used the arrogance of numbers to dismiss the motion.

He said it important that Zambians fully understand what is being discussed so that the get to choose the side of the debate they want to belong to.


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