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Nakachinda a hijacker, the whole Central Committee is illegal says Miles Sampa

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Patriotic Front (PF) Presidential Aspiring Candidate and Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa says Rapheal Nkachinda is not PF but Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) member.

Sampa says Nakachinda is just an opportunist who came to seek for greener pasture from the former President Edgar Lungu.

He says MMD pirates including Nakachinda hijacked PF but now want to be the ones welcoming the owners of the ship.

“It’s like you go to join UPND. How can you chase Cornelius Mweetwa or Garry Nkombo in UPND and you want to speak so loud,? It is unacceptable,” he wondered.

Sampa says the problem with some of the former Ministers are not accepting the fact that they lost and learn from their mistakes, the earlier they realize the better for them.

Meanwhile, Sampa says he did not sue PF instead he sued those masquerading to be Acting Party President and Acting General Secretary in their individual capacity.

“According to PF party Constitution, anyone who is appointed is illegal including me, there is no Central Committee until elections are held,” Sampa said.

He says in the scenario where the President resigns, the General Secretary must take over the party but in the case of PF even the General Secretary resigned.

” The ones on top are just masquerading, they are illegal.”

He says in March the PF convention will be held, people must go to Kabwe and vote for the party president and the Central Committee Members.

“Why do they want to be postponing? They are sacred.”

” That is the reason why I withdrew money from my bank account to take to the Secretariat for registration as a PF hopeful candidate, because if I did the bank transfer transaction they could have said they received money very late,” Sampa explained.

Sampa says each time he gets suspended, it means God says ‘Sampa you are ripe ‘

He was speaking Sunday night when he featured on Diamond TV COSTA program themed PF wrangles and the road to the Convention.

The former ruling party is currently in a leadership crisis after Sampa obtained a court injunction restraining Given Lubinda, Nixon Chilangwa to continue holding their positions as Acting president and Acting Secretary General respectively until the matter is determined by the High Court.

Former president Edgar Lungu resigned after losing the 2021 elections as PF president and a month later Secretary General Davies Mwila also threw the towel.

Lungu appointed Lubinda and Chilangwe to act as president and Secretary General respectively.

The PF is expected to hold an extraordinary General Assembly in March 2023 next month to elect a party president.


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