MY HANDS ARE CLEAN: Lungu admits high level corruption within his administration

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President Edgar Lungu has confessed that there is high level corruption, and criminality within his party and government.

Addressing party officials in Kasempa recently, Lungu said it was disheartening that his party is being dominated by crooks and criminal individuals, going around on looting sprees using his name and that of the party.

He said, this could ruin his administration if left unchecked as people would be fed up.

He distanced himself from the corruption being conducted in his name.

However, instead of instituting an inquiry or having them arrested, he only urged them to stop the criminal activities.

“So the Central Committee will sit shortly to discuss the fate of our colleagues who have been allegedly involved in illegal activities, illegal gold mining and you will be informed accordingly,” he said, adding that in his party there are no sacred cows.

As if to further confirm the rot within his administration, Lungu recently said there was urgent need to tighten controls in the management of public funds.

He made the remarks during the swearing-in of Ministry of Finance Internal Audit Controller Chibwe Mulonda and Deputy Auditor General in charge of corporate services Clair Mbazima.

Lungu said there was urgent need to further tighten controls in the application and management of public finances.

However, despite knowing that the rot is happening within his administration, some have questioned why the Anti-Corruption Commission is not moving in to do its job.

Lungu stands accused of entertaining corruption within his party and government. While he tends to talk much against corruption, some say he develops cold feet in the actual fight against the rot or having the culprits brought to book.


3 Responses to MY HANDS ARE CLEAN: Lungu admits high level corruption within his administration

  1. Interesting, isn’t it?

    June 1, 2020 at 9:59 am

  2. It is not the first time that HE ECL has confessed to the existence of corruption in his administration. In all his past confessions, he has fallen short of action. My take on is that for the President to publicly confess to the existence of corruption, he must have full dossiers from his teams of investigators, such as ACC, DEC, OP, etc. These teams report to him on a regular basis. So, what is he waiting for? Politics should never over-ride national and public interest. Please Your Excellency, do not ask us to provide evidence to you when in fact, by your own confession, you must have sufficient evidence for you to take decisive action.

    Your Excellency, follow your confession with concrete action. The moment you do that, I and many other Zambians will be comforted at the fact that our resources are in safe hands with your leadership.

    June 1, 2020 at 11:25 am

    • He is completely involved in the corruption and thinks Zambians are idiots who will now believe this lie he’s pushing to save himself.

      June 1, 2020 at 1:45 pm

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