Mwense accident: A sad consequence of ferrying supporters from one area to another

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It is sad and heartbreaking to hear reports of alleged injuries and deaths of people who were being ferried to attend the Commissioning of a Trade School by President Edgar Lungu today in Mwense.

These project commissioning are made on account of elections or politics and people are ferried in their numbers from outside the project areas using open vans to witness such events.

The tragic Mwense traffic accident has exposed politicians of their habits to ferry supporters to their rallies in busloads or canterloads without regard to the traffic rules and regulations.

This must be a lesson to all Political parties to start cultivating localised support bases to avoid such incidents and also as to minimise those coming outside who may only travel to these areas at their own cost.

The accident in Mwense has also exposed RTSA and the traffic section of Zambia Police Service’s negligence to enforce the traffic rules holistically.

This is pure selective application of the traffic rules and regulations because some people have been punished for carrying people in open vans.

RTSA and Police-traffic section have, one hand claimed on several occasions that carrying passengers in open vans is prohibited by law but in practice and for political events, the opposed is allowed by the same institutions.

Can RTSA and Police-traffic section tell the nation whether or not the driver of the Canter involved in this fatal accident had permission to carry people in his open van?

If not, how was he allowed and how did he pass the police roadblocks up to the scene of the accident?

This “suspension” of RTSA traffic rules and regulation during campaigns and political activities is putting RTSA in bad light and accomplices to such incidents.

However, the nation must demand an explanation from RTSA as to why canters are allowed to carry passengers during political rallies without enforcing the law.

If the driver did not have permission to carry passengers then RTSA and Police are to blame for this accident. The two institutions can do better than this.

Wish quick recoveries to the injured.


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