Mwale is merely protecting his job – Chaile

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Defence Permanent Secretary Stardy Mwale (pictured) will do anything to protect his job, himself and his masters over the purchase of presidential jet and other jets worth $400m, says Radical Revolutionary Party (RRP) leader Vincent Chaile.

Chaile charged that the entire PF leadership may appear to be smart and intelligent in the eyes of many today but reminded him that change of government is coming in 2021.

He observes that the current government is on a rollercoaster taking the country backwards to 1991 through corruption and looting.

“The system may look to be dull now but they are aware of each and every coin leaving the treasury dubiously. We are in deep sh*t, instead of moving forward as a country after 2021, we shall concentrate prosecuting the entire PF Leadership in a bid to recover what has been stole from the Zambian people,” Chaile charged.

“It is not fair that we Zambian will be paying for loans beyond 2040 when the large chunk of the money have been looted by few selfish individuals.”

“If Mr Stardy Mwale is denying the purchase of jets, why has Norway withdrawn aid to Zambia?”


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  1. This Mwale never denied that purchase of a presidential jet (for VVIPs in hyperbole) is on the cards. He just said it was ZAF doing it and not State House! Now, that is taking Zambians for fools. Do we have money to be buying a presidential jet (or in Mwale hyperbole, a VVIP jet) when the economy is hurting? Shame on these thugs and the job seekers who facilitate such plunder!!

    October 15, 2018 at 4:22 pm

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