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Mutototo causes a separated man impregnate three women in six months

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A non-governmental organisation, Community for Human Development has condemned a Lusaka man, who has impregnated three women and has condemned the African herb called mutototo, reports Lameck Phiri.

CHD Director Reberia Monde in a telephone interview has urged Webby Kanyema, 42, to be responsible over the pregnancies he has caused.

‘‘Kanyema should not only enjoy women in bed but also take responsibility of their wellbeing and the children when they are born. The problem is most men abandon women when they fall pregnant and the resulting children suffer,”   she said.

She advised Kanyema to seek voluntary counselling and testing for HIV and AIDS so that he does not other women at risk and for the good of himself.

“His appetite for unprotected sex can easily lead to the contraction of the HIV virus,’’ she observed.

Kanyema, a Lusaka business man, who is on separation with his wife has impregnated three of his girlfriends and has put blame on an African sexual herbal enticer commonly known as mutoto.

Kanyema, a car dealer who operates from Lusaka’s Katondo Street disclosed to Zambian Eye that he has been taking the African herb which increases ones sexual drive and has since impregnated three women since he separated with his wife over a marital dispute.

“My brother no man can control himself when he takes mutototo. The herb itself is so powerful that you lose control of yourself and forces you to indulge into extra sex flings. It has so far given me a lot of trouble because in only six months since we separated with my wife, I am responsible for three pregnancies,’’ said Kanyema.

He further narrated he has no intention to marry any one of the three because he still loves his wife and he hopes they will mend their relationship and continue with their marriage.


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