Mutati should explain how Lungu interferes in the Judiciary – Chipasha

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An MMD youth in the Nevers Mumba camp has challenged the leader of a rival faction Felix Mutati to explain to the nation how Republican President Edgar Lungu interferes in the operations of the judiciary or be reported to the Police for bringing the Presidency into disrepute.

Friday Chipasha, in responding to Mutati’s agent a Chishala Chilufya who alleged that MMD faction leader Nevers Mumba was trying to meet President Lungu so that he can secure a favorable Court ruling, says Mutati was running out of Lies.

“As MMD Youths in Lusaka, We are shocked with how petty Mr. Mutati has become. Yesterday his agent, a Mr. Chilufya hulicinated that MMD Party President Dr Nevers Mumba was soliciting to meet Republican President Mr. Edgar Lungu to solicit for a favorable Court ruling in the MMD leadership case in the High Court. It is an open position that Dr. Mumba has won the leadership Case with costs against Mutati and his 3 Co-accused both in the Supreme and Constitutional Courts. What is remaining now is just the High Court, which is just the remaining 10 %. If Truly President Lungu fixes Court rulings, why should we run to him now when we have already won all the preliminary issues that this rebel faction raised in Court,” said Chipasha¬†who is Lusaka Province Youth Chairperson.

He says he finds it shocking that someone who claims to lead a democratic party does not understand what Democracy is.

“We are further shocked that Mr. Felix Mutati who falsely claims to lead the Mother of Democracy in Zambia (the MMD) is a politically illiterate person in matters of democracy. This is someone who after being expelled from the MMD goes and organizes an illegal convention and stands against himself as President, where of course he illegally emerged as President. He then today says that Republican President Lungu fixes Court rulings. He clearly knows that Zambia is a democratic Nation and that the Judiciary is independent from the Executive.”

Chipasha has since issued an ultimatum to Mutati to tell the Nation how Republican President Edgar Lungu interferes in the operations of the Judiciary or the MMD youths will report him to the Police for bringing the Office of the President into disrepute.

“It is alarming that someone like Mr. Felix Mutati who has served as a Cabinet Minister can insinuate and allege that the Executive wing of Government through President Lungu interferes in the operations of the Judiciary through fixing of Court judgements. We challenge him to inform the Nation how the President Lungu fixes Court rulings, failure to which we as the MMD Youths will report Mr. Mutati to the Zambia Police Service for bringing the Office of the Presidency into disrepute,” Chipasha said.


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