‘Mutati on a sympathy mission to Bembaland after Lungu’s insult of Bembas’

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By Staff Reporter

Movement for Multi-party Democracy Faction leader Felix Mutati is believed to have rushed to Northern and Muchinga provinces to extract maximum political capital from the recent gaffe by President Edgar Lungu when he said six out of 10 thieves are Bembas.

According to sources who are part of his delegation to Northern Province, Mutati is said to have abruptly organized a trip to Northern Province which is predominantly a Bemba land to win sympathy from his tribesmen.

“We were shocked when the National Secretary Mr. Raphael Nakachinda informed Us over the weekend that we would go to Northern Province instead of Copperbelt Province. However, Mr. Charles Kaile from the MMD Secretariat told us that Ba Mutati had confidended in him that they should go to Northern Province instead of Copperbelt because President Lungu had insulted Bembas hence Mutati would try to seek sympathy from them and claim that he was fired because President Lungu hates Bembas and is tribal,” the source said.

A statement distributed by Raphael Nakachinda claimed that Mutati met the MMD Provincial Executive who he told that now that he had left government, he would vigorously mobilise the MMD so that the Party bounces back in Power in 2021 as him as Republican President.

However, some members of the MMD Northern Province Executive are shocked that today Mutati can be crying that President Lungu hates Bembas when he appointed him and he accepted to serve in his government.

“Ba Mutati shouldn’t think we are dull, When President Lungu appointed him as a Minister, he never said that President Lungu was tribal and hates Bembas but after he was fired, he can today claim that President Lungu is tribal and hates Bembas. He thinks that we are dull,” the source said.


2 Responses to ‘Mutati on a sympathy mission to Bembaland after Lungu’s insult of Bembas’

  1. Ba Mutati don’t do childish politics over tribe. To my understanding of what the president said about Bembas is that he referred Bembas as the majority in the country even in North western far as chuvuma and a close Zambezi river u will find people speaking bemba

    December 20, 2018 at 12:12 pm

    • Mmmmm ba Chief ubo bufi. Landeniko fimbi ifyakumfwika. Let himself apologize to the bembea not imwe mwetundila. If not then we shall meet in the booth.

      National Asset
      December 20, 2018 at 5:04 pm

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