Mutati isn’t the MMD President, he stood against a frog – MMD youth leader

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Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) Copperbelt Province youth chairperson Patrick Bunji yesterday mocked embattled MMD faction leader Felix Mutati, saying he is not MMD President because he stood against a Frog.

Bunji, who was addressing the Press in Ndola, says presidents in the MMD stand against fellow people and not against Frogs like what Kenneth Kaunda used to do in the Second Republic.

“Ba Mutati should know that president in the MMD stand and win against People and not against a Frog like what he did when he organised an illegal convention in 2016, which saw him stand against a frog, which he beat,” Bunji said.

He further warned Mutati against dragging the MMD into his selfish ambitions. “We have noticed that Mutati has printed campaign regalia using the MMD Symbol and his name. We would like to send a friendly warning to Mutati to refrain from using the MMD name in his selfish ambitions. In MMD we only have one Party President who is Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba. Any Chitenge regalia which is not in Our President’s name is illegal.”

Bunji further taunted Mutati sayin he was only popular among his family members and that any other supporters he hires are Rupiah Banda’s.

“Ba Mutati should not be misled that he is popular, let me tell him the truth he is only popular among his family members. Any other support he is getting is borrowed support from RB UNIP supporters. Once RB and his UNIP supporters leave him, all the hired support except his family will leave him,” Bunji said.


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