Mutati has lost relevance – Rev. Sambo

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Felix Mutati

Felix Mutati

Felix Mutati and his crew are choking from irrelevance and are now desperately looking for ways to remind the Zambian public that they still exist, Reverend Reuben Sambo has charged.

Reacting to a news article circulating in some media houses under the headline “Nevers has suffered a set back”, Rev Sambo says Mutation and his followers are deceiving themselves if they think they can “wish away” the current MMD leadership.

Rev. Sambo, who serves as national secretary in the Nevers Mumba-led MMD faction, says the Mutation faction is out of touch with reality and have failed to prove their worth to the PF, hence their latest attention-seeking antics.

He stressed that matters relating to the MMD leadership are before the courts of law and that the truth will soon be revealed.

“It is laughable that the Mutati crew are out of touch with reality. The notorious facts in the illegality attempted by Mr Mutati in trying to decieve themselves as the MMD leadership will not be supressed that easily nor can they be wished away through cheap propaganda. Matters of MMD are before both the high court and the supreme court. Sooner than later the truth will be known,” Rev. Sambo said.

“The real motive behind the propaganda is not a secret. Mr Mutati and his cohorts have failed to prove their worth to both their partners in the PF and the paltry followers. They are driven by envy and jealousy at the robust nature of the Zambia United Alliance  and are trying to find some attention and relevance in the electoral process,” he added.

Rev. Sambo has further insisted that the MMD has not had a change of leadership, adding that Mutati is not president of the party as he will soon find out.


5 Responses to Mutati has lost relevance – Rev. Sambo

  1. Mutati is really naïve,lack foresight and spineless.This Rupiah sponsored anti-Nevers propaganda using Zambia Reports and Zambia Daily(lies)Nation won’t amount to anything.The Rupiah/Mutati bogus ‘convention’where even Lungu participated by giving them $2m through Kampyongo is just a shum.Soon, the truth shall be known.Besides,what ever Rupiah touches goes no where.MMD lost in 2011 to PF/Sata because of him.Rupiah got a sympathy vote after Mwanawasa’s death,so is Lungu after Sata’s death.I pit ECL,because he too is going just like Rupiah.The only difference is that at least for Rupiah it was 3yrs,but alas for Lungu it is only 1yr 8months.

    The MMD Obsever
    July 22, 2016 at 1:11 pm

    • @Surely,this desperation is very dangerous.Why should this Rupiah sponsored group use the High Court Judgement that took place sometime back in May/June,2016,when the injuction trying to restrain the Rupiah/Mutati bogus ‘convention’ from taking place was thrown out;And use it as though it’s a judgement of yesterday.The Mutati challenging case is still in Supreme Court.Mutati go back to ZESCO and face the courts there.In MMD it’s a non-starter.

      The Lawyer
      July 22, 2016 at 2:23 pm

  2. Because of lack of principle or njala. Today Mutati would have been where GBM is- incoming veep. They can maybne disband and join PF so that at least they can share some cars ECL is distributing after losing next month.

    July 22, 2016 at 2:00 pm

  3. What is the position with former party

    July 22, 2016 at 4:08 pm

  4. Wen he was a minister , he failed to create even 1 industry in the copperbeit .
    pipo are living in poverty in de copperbeit.

    robert sulamoyo jr
    July 23, 2016 at 3:50 am

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