Mutati has fallen into his own trap – Rev. Sambo

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Rev. Sambo

Rev. Sambo

Movement for Multi-party Democracy Acting National Secretary Reverend Reuben Sambo has welcomed an article that appeared in one of the daily tabloids repeating what the party has been saying all along that Felix Mutati remains expelled from the MMD despite his “masquarading” as MMD President.

Reverend Sambo said yesterday that Mutati had no legitimacy to stand as MMD president at the “illegal” convention held on 20-22 May 2016 because at the time, he had already been expelled from the MMD and his expulsion was upheld by the Lusaka High Court.

He explained that in addition,  the conveners of that ‘circus,’ suspended  Party Spokesperson Raphael Nakacinda and suspended National Secretary, Mwansa Mbulakulima, who has since quickly defected to the PF, also had no legitimacy to convene that gathering as they were serving their suspensions from the party at the time.

“As the party had reported several days  ago, and carried in one of the daily tabloids yesterday 14th June, 2016, Felix Mutati had tried to challenge the Lusaka High Court ruling, but later discontinued it,  effectively reverting himself to his ‘expelled’ status and the party therefore regard him as a shameless, lawless impostor whose only achievement had been to furthere destroy the party, a strategy carefully hatched and executed by former Republican President Rupiah Banda and the state,” Reverend Sambo said.

He charged that the law is quickly catching up with Mutati and all those that had connived with him to soil Zambia’s record on governance and the rule of law.


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