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Mutale Mwanza’s boyfriend fails to show up

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Mutale Mwanza and her boyfriend Tay Grin. Picture source Facebook

Some Zambians who are Mutale Mwanza’s die hard followers are angry at Malawian artist Tay grin, on why he hasn’t come to see or Nurse his Girlfriend who almost Lost her left eye.

Despite Showing the world that he is rich on his social media but Like a Broke boyfriend from chamboli all Tay Grin Has done is send Mutale Mwanza quotes and captions on his Facebook page.

Mutale Mwanza Kept Tay Grin at her rented house for 3 months despite him finishing her sons Cornflakes and corn puffs and also Disturbing his Playstation schedule.

Tay Grin also promised to replace Mutale Mwanza’s Toyota Fortuner that was mangled into nothing but cheap quality scrap metal in a road Accident that almost sent the M-Nation leader to the land of the ancestors, however the artist only managed to Dye his Hair and puff to colour brown and has not even gotten a single quotation.

Meanwhile like a miracle at Mount Sinai in the days of Moses like blind batmares The M-Nation leader has Regained her sight on her left eye and she is healing well.

~Zambia Online News


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