Mutale donates 5000 bags of maize seed, 200 mealie meal bags in Southern province

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South Africa based Zambian Businessman Bizwell Mutale has come to the plight of the people of Southern province by making a huge donation amidst hunger that is ravaging the region.

Mutale has donated 5000 x 10kg bags of maize seed and 2000 x 25kg bags of mealie meal to the vulnerable people in Chikuni.

The donation is worth K1, 250 000.

Zambian Eye Journalist in Southern province reports that Mutale made the donation at the 2019 Chikuni Radio Music concert that is taking place in Chikuni.

Mutale made the donation through Chikuni Catholic Parish who will distribute the seeds to the vulnerable people.

The seeds have been bought from Seedco.

In an exclusive interview, Mutale said he had been prompted to make the donation to help avert the hunger situation the province is facing.

The International Businessman who a few weeks ago donated 4000 x 25kg of mealie meal to the Zambian government said his donation should compliment towards input support for the coming farming season.

He said the people have no money to plan for the next farming season as they are currently struggling to buy food following a drought that hit the country during the last farming season.

And Seedco Regional Manager Jasper Simanego who was moved with the donation described it as unprecedented adding it will go a long way to help the community who cannot manage to buy seed.

Simanego thanked Mutale and urged him to continue helping the community.


4 Responses to Mutale donates 5000 bags of maize seed, 200 mealie meal bags in Southern province

  1. Mr Mutale may the Lord bless you and your family in a special way. continue with that spirit of helping the people of Zambia especially in southern Provence. may the Lord continue to bless you in whatever you are doing.

    Evance Chilimba
    September 7, 2019 at 8:56 pm

  2. Crocodile tears! You and your PF party are going, come 2021! You can fool some people but you can’t fool the REVOLUTIONISTS!

    September 8, 2019 at 10:20 am

  3. hope they won’t kill all of you. be careful can’t trust these people they are heartless

    September 9, 2019 at 8:50 pm


    During annual Chikuni Tonga Concert thousands of people heard Mr. Mutale pledging to provide, using his personal funds, 5,000 x 10 kg maize seeds produced by Seed-Co.
    Because many people are inquiring what has happened with the promised seeds, I would like to state that the maize seeds were not yet delivered to Chikuni Parish so that the vulnerable but able farmers will plant this season and have food for their families.
    Mr. Mutale, through a phone conversation confirmed that he is still in touch with Seed-Co for the seeds to be bought and delivered to Chikuni Parish.
    Recently Mr. Mutale honoured his other pledge to provide 2,000 x 25 kg of mealie meal and delivered the bags to Chikuni Parish. The bags of mealie meal were distributed already to hundreds of vulnerable families in Chikuni Parish. We are grateful to Mr. Mutale and Mrs. Mutale for providing, using their personal funds, 2,000 bags of mealie meal for vulnerable families.
    So I do hope that the gift of 5,000 x 10kg bags of maize seeds pledged by Mr. and Mrs. Mutale will soon be delivered to support hundreds of vulnerable farmers and their families.
    Fr. Tadeusz Swiderski,S.J.

    tadeusz swiderski
    October 7, 2019 at 3:10 pm

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