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Music lovers heat up for Bobby East K20,000 title challenge

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Popular Zambian artist Bobby East is stirring up excitement among fans with a unique challenge: guessing the title of his upcoming album. The singer has announced that a lucky fan who correctly guesses the album title will be rewarded with a whopping K20,000.

The album, set to drop on the 22nd of this month, has been shrouded in mystery, with only Bobby East himself knowing the title. This giveaway serves as a fun and interactive way for fans to engage with the artist and build anticipation for the album’s release.

As fans eagerly await Bobby East’s new music, another Zambian artist, Hamoba, is gearing up to release his album “Teddy Bear” on the 7th of this month. With just five days to go, the music scene is buzzing with excitement for both releases, promising a month filled with fresh tunes for fans to enjoy.

Given the mysterious nature of Bobby East’s album title, fans are left to wonder if anyone will manage to guess it correctly and walk away with the K20,000 prize. This innovative marketing strategy not only generates excitement but also encourages fans to think creatively and engage with Bobby East on a deeper level.

Whether or not a winner emerges, one thing is certain: the Zambian music scene is thriving, and fans are in for a treat with new music from both Bobby East and Hamoba on the horizon.

Zambian Eye, 3rd March 2024


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