Munkombwe claims he formed UPND, vows to continue in politics even on a wheel chair

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Veteran politician and newly appointed Southern province Minister Daniel Munkombwe has claimed that he, others and not Anderson Mazoka founded opposition UPND.

And Munkombwe has maintained that the current politics are that of benefits and has vowed never to retire even when it means him walking on a wheel chair due to old age.

Speaking when he featured on Sunday Interview hosted by ZNBC Television Sunday night, April 7, 2013, Munkombwe claimed that he was the one who founded the UPND. He said contrary to what people know that the party was founded by late Mazoka, the first president he and some people in Southern province founded the UPND.

Munkombwe claims that Mazoka was busy with other issues and only came later to join and head the UPND. But in 1998 when the party was founded Munkombwe was in MMD and just briefly came to join later before going back to MMD again.

When asked whether he never regretted in 2001 when Mazoka almost took the republican presidency but was robbed of victory, Munkombwe said he would have gone back. Munkombwe also said if Mazoka had lived to the next elections in 2006 he could have won because he had national character.

Munkombwe said the UPND died with Mazoka due to some selfish politicians who issued irresponsible tribal statements that the party could only be headed by a Tonga.

On his politics of benefits, Munkombwe maintained that all politicians were in politics to eat. He explained that all politicians were not serving for free adding that they were paid for the work they do. Munkombwe said politicians should not pretend that they were in politics to offer a service.

He also challenged the interviewer that he was doing his job in order to eat and benefit his family. Munkombwe said politicians were paid and could buy houses, cars which he says are benefits of serving in government.

Asked when he intends to retire, Munkombwe explained that he had no intentions to leave active politics until God takes him away from Earth. He said even if it means him walking on a wheel chair as long as his brains are functional he will continue to serve.

Munkombwe said politics had made him poor because before joining he was a successful businessman who at one point owned hotels in Choma and supplied the country with about 50, 000 90 kg bags of maize. He said he put in a lot during the campaigns and it was now time for him to benefit.

He likened himself to Daniel of the Bible saying he had been so useful hence all the five presidents including the current one have found him useful.



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