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Mumbi Phiri illogical on Lungu’s salary increase – FDD

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Mumbi Phiri

Mumbi Phiri

Opposition FDD has questioned PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri for trying to justify President Lungu’s salary increase.

Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza said:

It is illogical and backward thinking for Mumbi Phiri to try to justify Edgar Lungu’s immoral salary increment by comparing the salary of Edgar Lungu who is a President of a poor, broke, debt burdened and underdeveloped country called Zambia to the salary of Presidents of developed countries such as America, Germany and UK.

We challenge Mumbi Phiri to also tell the nation what the GDP and per capita income of America, UK, Germany are. Let her also tell us the development index and poverty levels of the UK, USA and Germany. She should also inform us about the inflation rates, the cost of living the unemployment rates inluding the state of the health, education and manufacturing sectors in these countries.

Is Mumbi Phiri not the same person who has been blaming the global economy for Zambia’s own underdevelopement? If she wants to make those comparisons, we want to challenge her to tell her boss, Edgar Lungu to reduce the prices of fuel since the oil prices are at the lowest in USA, Germany and UK.
In any case what has Edgar Lungu done to deserve a salary increment. This is proper Madimbi!!!

It is now clear why Edgar Lungu has been such a disaster because of the warped thinking of his closest advisers and confidants such as Mumbi Phiri. Surely with this kindergarten type of thinking where can Zambia go?

Antonio Mwanza


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