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Mumbi Phiri goes tribal: ‘Bakachema’ will never rule this country

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Mumbi Phiri

Mumbi Phiri

Newly appointed PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri yesterday engaged in a serious altercation with several UPND supporters when she said their party would never be in power, according to The Post newspaper.

And Phiri has urged Zambians in PF strongholds to register and give Edgar Lungu an overwhelming vote in next year’s general elections “just like the people of Southern Province voted for the UPND in January’s presidential election”.

Speaking during a programme on Joy FM Radio yesterday, Phiri, who sounded excited about her appointment, however, offended some UPND callers on the programme after she said “bakachema (herdsmen)” cannot rule this country’.

One of the incensed callers charged that Mumbi had no respect as they exchanged words on air.

“You are known to be somebody who has got no respect for many and you went to an extent of saying that ‘bakachema cannot rule this country…’,” said the unidentified caller.

But Phiri said she was a cultured and respectable woman, who had been married for 25 years and had seven children.

“I was waiting for a UPND caller. Let me remind this man that I have been married for 25 years. I am a mother of seven. When my husband is around, you come and see how I behave filya bamo balaba aba kashana ebo ndingene nabo (what some of the women of my age have forgotten). That is what I do. Bushe ngawalanda ati niwe kachema, ninshi wasalula abaume? Ala umunani usuma uyilombela umuchele noyu umunani usuma uwaisa muno muchalo. Mwalimona  after the last election in January,  ifintu abanensu (UPND) ba bavotele. So tuleyeba abantu besu, abantu aba temwa PF ku Copperbelt, Lusaka Province, ukwima icintinta ng’ombe ukuya mukuvota. Mwalimona efyo batulangile ku Mazabuka, ba Edgar ba fumako na zero. Naifwe ukwaba ama strongholds, nga walitemwa PF, iyi voter registration yala amba, that is what we have to do (When you say that you are a herdsman, does it mean you have belittled men? Relish that is delicious does not need anyone to ask for salt for it. You saw how our friends (UPND) voted in the last election. So we are telling our people, those who love PF in Copperbelt, Lusaka Province, to turn up in numbers to vote. You saw how they showed us in Mazabuka! Edgar came out with no vote. So even us where we have strongholds, if you love PF, this voter registration which will start, that is what we have to do),” Phiri responded.

She said the UPND could not fulfil the promises it was making to Zambians.

“Baletila ati ubunga tukabweshya. Chinshi bafililwa ukubwesha inama shaba kumwabo? Bali kwata amatanga in thousands (They are saying that we will reduce the price of mealie-meal when voted into power. Why have they failed to reduce the price of their cattle which they have in thousands?) Show us by example. Let them show us,” said Phiri.

But another caller identified as Fernando told Phiri that PF would die a natural death before the 2016 elections.

“…2016, you and your PF will die a natural death. May your souls rest in peace in 2016,”  said Fernando, while another called, Elijah Ngwale, said Phiri had been polluted by tribal politics.

“Please, please, be what you were during that time when you were member of parliament. You did not practice such kind of politics,” said Ngwale.


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