Mumba and Mutati re-run underway

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A re-run in the MMD presidential election between Dr. Nevers Mumba and Mr. Felix Mutati is underway after no one of the seven candidates managed to get at least 50 percent in the election that took place today (Friday).
Dr. Mumba, a former republican president and Ambassador beat the six candidates but fail short of reaching the required 50 percent to assume the former ruling party’s top position. He was closely followed by Mr. Mutati who served as Minister of Commerce in the MMD government.
The following are the results after polling from the 10 provinces.

Nevers Mumba 41.7 percent

Felix Mutati 27 percent

Situmbeko Musokotwane 21.3 percent

Kabinga Mpande 6.7 percent

Kapembwa Simbao1.5 percent
Moses Muteteka 0.5 percent

Kavindele en moses0.3 percent
The results of the re-run are expected to be announced once they have been submitted and tallied at the MMD Secretariat in Lusaka.


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