Mum slams Beyoncé divorce rumours, says her marriage is perfect

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Tina Knowles insists her daughter Beyoncé’s marriage to Jay Z is ”perfect” and rumours suggesting otherwise are ”bull”.

The Crazy in Love singer and her spouse have been the subject of break-up rumours in recent months but Tina Knowles claims the speculation is just ”bull”.

She told TMZ: ”Haters going to be haters and there is nothing we can do about that. ‘Everything is perfect. I just don’t even read the bull you know?”

It was previously claimed the couple – who have been married for six years and have a two-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy – were ”all business” and had a lack of chemistry on stage in San Francisco at the final night of their On the Run joint tour earlier this month.

The eyewitness added: ”It was all business for these two. ”Beyoncé’s eyes on the screen looked red.”

But the couple put on a united front as they performed their latest hit, On The Run, and the insider added: ”They gave each other a squeeze and a tickle. She still seemed unfazed and managed a smile before slipping away from him.”

Sources previously claimed that the couple’s business relationship is now more important to them than their marriage.

But one pal recently insisted they are still committed to each other, saying: ”There’s still something there, even though it’s not going to last. Business is always part of the equation. They know they’re the king and queen of hip-hop – and really, all of music. Neither wants to lose that. ‘They are solid, solid business people who know what they’re doing.”

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