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Multichoice tries to explain increment: The cost of doing business is escalating in Zambia

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Multi-Choice Head Office in Zambia

Multi-Choice Head Office in Zambia

Pay TV service provider Multichoice has clarified the latest price hikes for its various bouquets in Zambia after a public outcry.

The Zambian Eye launched an online petition on it’s Facebook this week calling on Zambians to push Multichoice to reduce the new rates or cancel their subscriptions has gained ground with over 3,000 subscribers signing up.

But Multichoice Zambia Public Relations Manager Mwika Malindima explained that the rates being posted on social media are incorrect and should be dismissed.
Mr Malindima explained that the purported K700 for premium bouquet doing rounds on social media is a fabrication.

He said the new rates are as follows: Premium has gone up to K710 from K631, Compact Plus is now at K413 from K337 while Compact is now at K248 from K203 with family now standing at K158 from K127 while the cheapest bouquet access is now at K 83 from K64.

Mr Malindima said, ‘Every year in April we revise our rates because that is when our financial year starts and this is due to escalating cost of doing business, the rising cost of purchasing new content and rental of channels, we also have to pay for satellite space and all our partners have increased the cost.’

He also clarified the disparities in the pricing of Dstv bouquets among different regions in Africa.

‘These countries trade on different market platforms, the strength of the individual economies come into play. As you all will be aware, the Kwacha has lost so much ground against the US dollar and that has a bearing on the cost of our production,’ he said.

Mr Malindima has also dispelled assertions that Zambia has the highest cost of Dstv services in the whole of Southern Africa.

‘For us we want to give our subscribers the best value for money. This year we have launched three new channels, we now have the new channel which is Zee World and last year we launched 11 new channels and we guarantee value for money.’


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