Muchinga Constituency to make its own roads

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Muchinga Constituency in Central Province has now become one of the constituencies in the country to buy a grader which will be used to grade roads specifically in the constituency.

The grader which was bought using the constituency development fund (CDF) was handed over today by Central Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kabwe at the Serenje District Council.

Chanda congratulated Muchinga Constituency Member of Parliament Howard Kunda for utilizing the CDF to better his Constituency.

And Kunda thanked the people of his constituency for supporting the idea of buying a grader and for believing in him and his vision.

“I would like to take this time to thank the good people of Muchinga Constituency for supporting the idea to buy a Grader for themselves which we envisioned since 2014. I would also like to make mention here that coming from the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) I want to urge the people in charge of running and operating this machine to be responsible, and account for each service given, he further warned to only use the earth mover for the sole purpose of giving a service to the people, other than that, if the one’s in charge use the machine for personal use, they will be quoted in the Auditor General’s report and when you come before us, we won’t spare you,” he said.

Kunda further called upon the members of his Constituency to guard the Grader jealously.

“This Machine you are seeing belongs to you. If anyone misuses this machine then they have misused your personal property, thus the need to guard it jealously with a monitoring committee in place. And from now on we will no longer have to wait for Government to send us a grader to do our roads, We shall do it using our own. This will be a relief for government as well as it supplements it’s efforts to develop the rural road networks,” Kunda said.


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