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MPs joining UPND, Its tribal and personal survival – Kambwili

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Chief Government Spokersperson Chishimba Kambwili has described the defection of MMD Members of Parliament as personal survival.

Deputy Minister of Justice Keith Mukata with eleven MMD Members of Parliament and one MP from FDD today joined the UPND. Read the story here.

But Kambwili charged that the defections had some tribal connections saying the MPs know that they cannot retain their seats if they stood on other parties other than UPND.

Kambwili said the MPs think that the UPND will command support in North Western, Rural parts of Central and Western provinces and hence their move to associate with the opposition party.

He said the people where these MPs come from are not tribal and will charge them according to their performance. He explained that the PF had delivered development to all parts of the country in the last five years its been in government.

Kambwili said Mukata to be honest charging that it is wrong for him now to speak ill of President Lungu. He wondered why Mukata is defecting now.

The Information Minister



 was speaking in an interview with ZNBC

Mukata who tendered his resignation Monday morning said his concious had dictated him to do so. He explained that he had so many friends within the PF government but said he would not continue being part of the team running down the country.

The Chilanga MMD MP said UPND president Hakainde Hichilema was the best candidate at the moment to liberate the country from the many economical challenges. He apologised to Hichilema for campaigning against him in the 2015 presidential election.


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