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“MPs demand for salary hike unfortunate”

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A Choma resident Henry Mwaanga says the demand by Members of Parliament for a further salary hike is unfortunate and unrealistic to the hard suffering citizens of Zambia.

Mwaanga charged that it is saddening for Members Of Parliament to demand for salary increment at the time when there is a wage and employment freeze in the Public service.

Mwaanga told SKY FM News in Choma today that it is immoral for Members Of Parliament (MPs) to demand a pay rise when the majority of Zambians are languishing in poverty.
he said MPs, who are national leaders should strive to improve the living standards of their electorates with the promises they made to them before advocating for better conditions of service

He disclosed that with the high poverty and unemployment levels in the Country Members Of Parliament should take a lead in demonstrating fairness in the distribution of the national cake.

And Mwaanga has charged that some members of parliament do not even deserve to be paid as they have failed to represent some of their constituencies

He disclosed that some MP ever since been entrusted by their electorates to represent them in the House have done absolutely nothing for their constituencies   

And Mwaanga has observed that to say that Members Of Parliament are not adequately remunerated is to be less than honest as they are paid salaries that include constituency, transport, sitting allowances to attend parliament and in committees.

He further said members of parliament also get hefty gratuity allowances including a mid-term payment on the expense of the poor people that they were represent who were walloping in poverty.

Mwaanga has since urged some Members Of Parliament not to view the privilege of representing their Constituencies as a means of generating wealth for themselves.

Opposition MPs led by Catharine Namugala recently proposed in the house for a salary increment a move that has sparked negative reaction from various sections of society.


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