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Motorists bemoan state of roads in the ‘tourism capital’ of Zambia

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The town of Livingstone has become the ‘Tourism Capital of Zambia’, set just 11km from Victoria Falls, is a fantastic base for visiting the Zambian side of the natural world wonder.

The town attracts travellers not only to experience the falls but also to tackle the thrilling adventure scene, and has taken on the role of a backpacking mecca.

The tourist capital has enormous potential to make immense contribution to the country’s economic growth.

Market watchers are convinced that Livingstone can be transformed into the country’s economic hub by responding positively to the significant improvement of the country’s macro-economic indicators.

However, motorists have bemoaned the bad state of key roads including some parts of Sekeshe, an international Road, Malamba Libuyu Road among others in the tourism capital of Livingstone.

A number of motorists who spoke to this publication said there is need for road to upgrade in order to easy movement of both motorists pedestrians and most importantly turists both local, regional and international.

They say despite the fact that the travel and tourism sector have been affected by the coronavirus out break, in the long run the country may fail to get the most out of the country’s turism capital.

“This pandemic will always go, and the country lose in form oof pootential revenue if ur roads in the city are not upgraded. We need beautiful roads here in Livingstone,” said one motorist only identified as Simeon.

Another motorist, Prince Kashina concurred, adding that the local should prioritise infrastructure development in the town particularly roads. He emphasized the poor state of roads like Maramba Libuyu Road.

“The local authority has always been mending the potholes on the road in steady of up grading it and give the roads a complete overhaul,” he said.

Meanwhile the town authority, the Livingstone City Council is on record attributing the sorry state of roads to lack of resources.


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