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A month old marriage ends in sorrow as hubby beats wife to death

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Instead of celebrating the festival season and going out for honeymoon, a month old marriage has ended in grief pain and sorrow after the husband allegedly beat the wife to death when he returned from a drinking spree in Muchinga Province.

Felistus Bowa was allegedly beaten to death by Amos Mwansa,35 after finding the plates and pots empty without nshima for him when he returned from drinking.

The victim who now leaves behind an eighth month old baby girl is alleged to have left her previous marriage due to marital disputes, but has unfortunately died from a marital dispute in her recent marriage.

According to Muchinga Deputy Commanding Officer officer Ronald Zambo said the incident occurred on December 16th, this year.

He said the incident was reported by the village headman of Sampule village, where the incident occurred.

“Facts of the matter are that the now deceased Felistus Bowa was previously married to Chola Chidumbo and the two have a baby girl aged eight months. They later divorced because of marital disputes. A month ago, she got married to Amos Mwansa ,the now suspect.

“It is alleged that on December 16, 2023 at around 18:00 hours, the now suspect went to drink locally brewed beer within the village and returned home at around 21:00 hours in a drunken state,” he said.

Zambo said when the suspect got home,he found his wife the now deceased asleep.

He then checked in the house, but did not find any food and then woke his wife up and demanded nshima.

“The victim apologetically told her husband that she did not cook. Very annoyed with her reply, the suspect started beating his wife using fists, kicks and slaps until she eventually died leaving her eight months old baby girl. Some villagers who heard the deceased crying for help, rushed to the scene and managed to apprehend the accused before he could leave the scene,” he said.

He said the matter was immediately reported to Police.

“Police officers rushed to the scene of crime, and the findings were that the dead body of Felistus Bowa was found lying down facing upwards outside the hut. Physical inspection conducted revealed swollen stomach, minor bruises on the body and fecal matter was also seen on the deceased,” he said.


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