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Mobile money agent shot dead at her house

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In picture is the mobile money agent who was shot dead at her house. Picture credit: Chete FM

This is, Naomi Maenda, the young mobile money agent who has has allegedly been shot dead at home in Katozi, Nakonde district.

According a family member, the young woman was killed by gunmen in her home in the early hours of today.

The victim, identified as Naomi Maenda, was in her 20s and lived with her nephew, who witnessed the attack and spoke to Chete FM News.

He said he was asleep when he heard a loud noise from the back window of the house around 1 am. He got up to investigate, but before he reached the living room, he saw two men dressed in black. He hid behind a door, terrified.

He then heard a gunshot from his aunt’s room, where she was sleeping. He did not dare to come out of his hiding place or make any noise. He did not know when the intruders left, as the house was silent.

After some time, he allegedly went to check on his aunt and found her lying dead on her bed. He was still afraid to call for help or go outside, thinking they might still be around or come back for him.

He waited until dawn and ran to his neighbour’s house, Frederick Simbaya, to ask for assistance. The neighbours came and confirmed that she was dead. They arrived around 6 am.

This is the third incident of violence against mobile money agents in Nakonde this year. Two other agents were attacked and shot in June, near Mayenda’s house.

The neighbours are demanding increased security in the area, saying that theft and other crimes are rampant. They are calling for police presence and patrols.

They also suspect that the criminals might be living nearby. Mayenda worked as a mobile money operator at the black market in Nakonde.

-Chete FM


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