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Mob chants he is coming back at Court

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..As Esther Lungu’s Case Fails To Take Off

A group of Youths at Court surrounded former First Lady Esther Lungu and chanted slogans “ALEBWELELAPO”

But President Hakainde Hichilema who always seem disgusted with the slogan “alebwelelapo” has vowed that there is no kubwelelapo (no coming back.

The alebwelelapo translates that former president Edgar Lungu is bouncing back to power. The slogan was used in 2021 in an election Lungu suffered a humiliation defeat to his opposition political rival Hakainde Hichilema who is now President of Zambia.

The alebwelelapo seems to be gaining momentum wherever Lungu appears in public with people complaining of hunger and unfulfilled campaign promises by President Hichilema that has seen cost of living prices tripled.

The court has been the most used place for campaign messages for the opposition when they appear since the Hichilema regime has banned campaign rallies.

In yellow, is the former first lady Esther Lungu

Taonga Tembo who was at the Magistrate court in Lusaka reports that a group of youths surrounded Lungu’s vehicle as he and others, who had accompanied his wife were leaving the court premises, chanting ‘abwelelepo’.

But President Hichilema who always seem disgusted with the slogan “alebwelelapo” has vowed that there is no kubwelelapo (no coming back.

President Hichilema says he and Zambians will not allow those brutalized Citizens and destroyed the economy to come back. He says Zambians are now enjoying peace and having free education. He says such a move would be taking the country backwards.

He says former president Lungu and his PF destroyed the economy and is the reason Zambians are suffering today.

The former First Lady’s case failed to proceed. This is in trail in the matter in which she and five others are charged with theft as the witness on the stand was unwell and unable to appear in court.

Esther is jointly charged with James Phiri and Lee Chisulo, both police officers, along with Kapambwe Lungu and Lungu’s niece Catherine Banda, for the theft of a motor vehicle.

When the matter came up for continued cross-examination of the first state witness, Elizabeth Phiri, before Magistrate Mbuywana Sinvula yesterday, State Advocate Sipholiano Phiri made an application for an adjournment as the witness was unwell.

Esther has complained and denies all allegations including those facing her family saying it is all persecution by the Hichilema administration.


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