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M’membe drags police IG to court

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Leader of the opposition Socialist Party (SP) Dr Fred M’membe has taken the Inspector General of Police Raphael Musamba to court for defamation.

During a briefing last week, the IG accused Dr M’membe of inciting peace-loving Zambians into a civil disobedience.

He said that police will not sit and watch an individual whose utterances are hell bent on causing anarchy in the country.

Musamba said the bringing of military coups or “let me just say the relevant of coups from West Africa into this country we are wondering if this is the philosophy of socialism…”

“Zambia Police Service has an obligation to defend the Constitution at any cost and it will do even if it takes some stain measure such as smashing the rebellion which we know is carefully being instigated by the Socialist Party.”

In an affidavit in support of complaint filed in the Subordinate Court of the First Class for the Lusaka District, Dr M’membe said the conduct of the accused is criminalized under section 191 of the Penal Code CAP 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

He said by virtue of Musamba’s position in the Police Service, a compliant by the opposition leader lodged at any police station cannot be objectively acted upon because of the same.

The briefing Dr. M’membe is referring to where the Police IG is alleged to have defamed him took place on the very day he was detained at Woodlands Police Station in Lusaka.

– News Day Zambia


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