MMD is still strong, says embattled Mutati

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Embattled leader of one of the MMD faction Felix Mutati says the opposition party is still strong.

The MMD is split into two faction with the other led by Nevers Mumba, a Pastor turned politician.

Mutati who has lost three of the applications in court in their fight for the control of the former ruling party. Two weeks ago, he faced another setback when President Lungu fired him from his cabinet.

This has rendered the alliance Mutati’s faction entered with PF dead as he was the only one in cabinet.

And his godfather Rupiah Banda this week distanced himself from the Mutati faction when he came out that he was not going to be part of the card renewal exercise in Lusaka.

This was after the Mutati faction publicity that the former president will be part of the prominent figures at the event.

But Banda who had taken Mutati to President Lungu when they entered into an alliance ahead of the 2016 elections said he was too busy to attend the Mutati MMD card renewal exercise in Lusaka.

Speaking when he opened the event today in Lusaka, Mutati said MMD was still the strongest party. He said the MMD has structures in all parts of the country.


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