MMD is holding the balance in 2016 elections hence wrangles – Nevers Mumba

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Nevers Mumba addressing the press

Nevers Mumba addressing the press

The MMD is the  party holding the political balance for the outcome of the August, 2016 General Elections, hence the wrangles  in the former ruling party, says President Nevers Mumba.

Speaking when he addressed a packed media briefing  yesterday morning at the Party Secretariat, Dr. Mumba revealed that the continued fighting was as a result of the well-known strategic position the MMD holds ahead of the general election.

He said it was therefore not shocking that suspended National Secretary, Mwansa Mbulakulima and others facing disciplinary action from the party, have now re-grouped to use fraudulent and criminal means, including forging documents  which they presented before a Court of Law to attempt to take over the leadership of the party.

“The presiding  High Court judge examined the documents presented by suspended National Secretary Mbulakulima and ruled that they were improperly filed in the Court and had no legitimacy and therefore  refused to sign the Order of Consent to allow the group hold a convention,” Dr. Mumba said.

“It is therefore shocking that upon emerging from the hearing which was held in chambers, Mr. Mbulakulima addressed his rented crowd outside to inform them that the Court had issued a Consent Court Order permitting them to hold a convention and that  all the suspended and expelled members had been re-instated, when in fact not,” said Dr. Mumba

Dr Mumba  explained that the reason for the briefing was to assure members of the MMD and the nation at large that the party was still intact and in full control  under his leadership and the MMD National Executive Committee (NEC) and that expelled and suspended members are just playing immoral politics.

“This meeting is to tell our members nation-wide who have been following these events since yesterday that our colleagues lied before the Courts of law and actually committed a criminal offence by lying that the Court had issued a Consent Order for them to hold a convention when in fact not,” he explained.

Dr. Mumba said it was unfortunate and totally mischievous for suspended and expelled members to even set the dates for the convention when the party’s NEC resolved not to go for a convention.

“It is criminal, they set a date, all that is fraudulent, criminal and extremely unfortunate for people who want to be in leadership to do that. We want to confirm with our general membership that they must disregard the action with the contempt it deserves;  I am president of the MMD and your NEC is still intact. We are not holding any convention as suggested by our colleagues,” he reiterated.

“All they want is power, they have no structures. We are in charge of the MMD as NEC and we made a decision  that the convention will be deferred until after the 2016 general elections and that decision  stands; every resolution we made stands; so we ask  our members to disregard all that is going on with our colleagues because it is just a side-show.”

He said the MMD exists as a party and will strongly participate in the forthcoming general elections, adding that this weekend he would be touring provinces to inspect on the progress the party has made in identifying people to contest in various constituencies on  the MMD ticket.

Dr. Mumba said he was now hopeful that the party has gained strength to be able to stand firm in readiness for the elections.


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