MMD fight is a fight for morality and integrity – Nevers

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MMD faction leader Nevers Mumba says the current MMD court cases are a fight for morality and integrity.

In a posting on his Facebook page this morning, Dr Mumba said a number of people have asked him why the MMD matter is in court instead of reconciliation.

“I have been asked by several political pundits as to why we have subjected the MMD matter to court. They have argued that in a spirit of love and reconciliation, we should all sit together and resolve our differences. Some have gone as far as suggesting that we simply go to a convention and resolve the problem there,” Dr. Mumba said.

Dr. Mumba then said that the case was not about differences but about a group of four people deciding to break the MMD constitution.

“First of all, this case is not about differences. It is about a small group of four people out of the 44 NEC members deciding to disregard the Party Constitutional position. Secondly, our prayer in court is not the holding of a convention but for the court to determine where Mr. Mutati and his colleagues got authority to hold a convention in May 2016. The MMD case is a matter of precedence setting. It is not about the winner or the loser. It is a fight for principle,” Dr. Mumba said.

Dr. Mumba further the MMD case will go down in history as a huge precedence in respecting of the rule of law in political parties.

“After Mutati’s agents were defeated by the majority with a margin of 33 to 4, they took great offense at this loss and decided to go against the Party resolution and proceeded to organise a convention despite the fact that they were expelled and we’re not in good standing with the Party. If such impunity is left unchecked, it shall soon poison the other political parties. Our fight and patience therefore is not for MMD only but for the preservation of the rule of law and general respect for our own party constitutions,” Dr. Mumba said.


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