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Miscalculation: Kabimba backs MPs pay rise demand

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Wynter Kabimba

Wynter Kabimba

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has backed calls for a pay rise by Members of Parliament, reports Zambian Eye Correspondent in Lusaka.

Kabimba who is a nominated Member of Parliament says the MPs are justified on their demand to have their pay increased to avoid them engaging in corruption acts.

“Members of Parliament go through difficulties and I know the distances because I travel across the country myself, if we want MPs to serve the people to the degree that we expect them and promote democracy and interact with the people we should facilitate,” stated Kabimba when he featured on ZNBC Sunday Interview program.

The pay rise issue was not well received by members of the public who described MPs as selfish going into politics for their own interest. But Kabimba says MPs should not be crucified for airing their concerns on their emoluments.

“How do we facilitate that, we facilitate that through emoluments. If you want to curb corruption, to ensure that our MPs do not fall in category of people who do not have the interest of people at heart then we should look at the issue of emoluments,” Kabimba said. “You can justify the demands.”

When asked about the PF position, Kabimba who is also party Secretary General said the Central Committee has however not come up with a position on the matter.

On President Sata’s health, Kabimba said the Head of State was well and carrying on his duties. He accused the opposition and some Media of trying to gain cheap political mileage out of  President Sata’s health. He said some opposition party leaders have not accepted that President Sata beat them in the last elections.

He said the opposition’s propaganda against Sata that started when he was in the opposition has completely not worked. He said the opposition and MMD then accused Sata that once he becomes President he would bring civil war and kill the aged and those who are HIV positive. To the contrary Kabimba said Sata had performed well and was developing the country and the PF will win in 2016.

On the constitution making process, Kabimba said nothing new. He said the PF will want the voice of the illiterate who are the majority and voted for PF be heard. He said the constitution was not just for a few elite and PF will do anything with its means that its supporters wishes are prevail.

Kabimba said much as the constitution is a priority of the PF government, the people are more interested in being provided with clean water and food. He said the elite who distanced themselves from Sata when he was in the opposition were now trying to be close and hijack him.

He said the draft constitution will only be made available to the public after cabinet authorisation. He however said his office was open for those wanting to discuss the constitution making process.



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