Ministry of General Education workers steal K19.5m

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Government has confirmed that 80 members of staff at the Ministry of General Education have been suspended for allegedly embezzling K19.5 million. The Permanent Secretary in the same ministry Henry Tukombe was recently sent of forced leave over the scandal.

Acting General Education Minister Vincent Mwale has told parliament that some internal auditors at the ministry have also been suspended for failure to account or prevent the financial irregularities at the ministry.

Responding to questions during the question for oral answer session in Parliament on Tuesday, Mwale says the suspension will remain in force until investigations are completed.

“Mr Speaker in accordance with the laid down procedures, where we have to recover, we have to recover and in where people have to be punished by going to jail and so on where there is no requirements for us to recover, everything is laid down in the procedures and in the Public Finance Act. Definitely if we need to recover, we will have to recover from the benefits and anything that may be outstanding within the ministry that’s due to them,” Mwale said.

“Mr Speaker I can confirm that yes some internal auditors were involved in that they did not do their work to prevent this from happening. They are also on suspension,” he said.

And Mwale said donors have withheld funding to the ministry until the problem is resolved.

“Mr Speaker yes I can confirm that funding has been withheld to the ministry to just make sure that we did our work to clean up these things and make sure that those that were involved in embezzlement and misappropriations and so on were dealt with accordingly and that after all that was done, we could talk about how they could resume to give financial assistance to the ministry,” said Mwale.

Meanwhile, Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini is set to rule on the Chinese articles running in the Times of Zambia Newspaper.

This follows a point of order raised by leader of the opposition Jack Mwiimbu who wanted to know why the publication has been sidelining Zambians by publishing the Chinese language and not any other Zambian language.




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