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Mic Diggy Apologies to Slap D on ZNBC Radio 4’s Hip Hop Eardrum

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Diggy was recently featured on an Episode of Hip Hop Eardrum hosted by Sanga Tembo which airs at 22hrs every thursday’s on ZNBC’s Radio 4, during the show he did a quick interview with Sanga Tembo addressing the Slap D tension in which he publicly decided to apologies to Slap and the public at large (anyone who got dragged).
The drama all started when Mic Diggy twitted that he was not feeling Slap Dee’s 2018 freestyle and this received with Mixed feelings by the XYZ founder, Slap Dee. He then retweeted Mic Diggy Saying that He’s opinion didn’t mean sh!t to him and that he should get the F#ck out. And later deleted the tweet. 

Unfortunately for Slap Dee the clap back backfired right back at Him. As most people said that his response was uncalled for and unprofessional. After the issue started blowing out of proportion, Diggy was propelled to take the matter to the Studio for a clapback song dabbed XXL Caution. In which he mocked Slap Dee and Claimed he was just warming up for the official diss track. Few days later. H mac(Slap Dee’s Manager) pleaded with Mic Diggy to let everything slide as “this was harmful enbough to Slap Dee. And that if Slap Dee was to fall, a lot of people would suffer as he has a lot of dependents”. Few weeks later after taking H mac’s apology, Slap
 released his Jump Off verse by Tony breezy. In which he obviously took a few Subliminal Jabs that the for a long time song. And one thing led to another.
During the radio 4 interview, Mic Diggy decided to apologize to Slap Dee and the public: “The Reason i am apologizing now is because this negative energy is starting to affect my daily mood, i don’t like the person am turning into and am not apologizing because they got to me (XYZ) or anything am apologizing for my own peace of mind, you know  i believe in peace and positivity and beefing won’t let me grow as an artist in anyway, i did i beef Slap for more attention ? no i felt i was pushed and that was the only option i had, you know how it is, a man gotta do what a man’s gotta do”.
Mic Diggy is Know for songs “No Pressure” “Sangwapo” and “Blame” which featured frequent collaborator Trigga. Premiered on Joy, Unza,  and Power Fm The songs were well received and playlisted across various radio stations in Zambia and neighboring countries with “No Pressure” peaking at No. 4 on Unza Radio’s ZED Hot spot for over five weeks.
He also shared the stage with Cassper Nyovest The award-winning South African  Rapper and Highest selling Hop Hop act in Africa at the Mosi day of thunder in Livingstone. Among others, the show featured local acts such as B-Flow, Bobby East, Jay Rox, Wezi, Pompi, Abel Chungu, Magg44 , KRYTIC and many more.

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