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Medicinal powers of chanterelle mushrooms

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Fresh chanterelles

Fresh chanterelles

Red chanterelles

Chanterelle mushrooms in the wild

Chanterelle mushrooms in the wild

Chanterelle mushrooms prove that there is no such thing as shortage of healthy food in Zambia, reports Zambian Eye Health and Nutrition Editor Asunta Simoloka.

These tiny mushrooms have a nutritional profile that can profoundly improve your health.

Chanterelles have high amounts of fiber, vital for burning belly fat and warding off a myriad of chronic illnesses particularly heart related conditions.  These mushrooms also provide sizable amounts of high quality plant based protein which happens to be a much healthier substitute for meat –red meat has been linked to early death.  The body uses protein to fulfill numerous essential functions like rebuilding cells, keeping the immune system strong, and controlling infections.

What’s more, chanterelles have among the highest known concentrations of B vitamins, especially vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B5.  B vitamins play an essential role in converting food into energy and keeping the nervous system healthy.

Chanterelle mushrooms are also known to possess powerful anti inflammatory properties ideal for easing arthritis pain and countering just about any chronic illness.  Inflammation is an underlying cause of many chronic illnesses especially autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes and lupus.

Amazingly, chanterelles have extremely powerful agents for stimulating the immune system and fighting off cancer.  The outstanding ability of chanterelle mushrooms to significantly strengthen the immune system may be explained by the presence of beta glucans and selenium, compounds with a reputation for boosting the immune system.  Due to this trait, chanterelles and other mushrooms are among the best foods for people battling HIV, and other conditions that weaken the immune system.  In addition, chanterelles are instrumental for keeping away infections which become rampant when the immune system is impaired.

Red chanterelle mushrooms

Red chanterelle mushrooms

Chanterelles also contain extremely powerful anti cancer compounds that kill cancer cells and prevent the growth of new cells.  This is due to the high level of anti oxidants that effectively deactivate and remove cancer causing radicals.  Plus, anti oxidants in chanterelle have potent anti aging effects that keep you looking younger for longer.

There are several more health benefits associated with chanterelle mushrooms; this wonder food contains an extensive list of nutrients that have unlimited benefits, many of which are yet to be discovered.  Healthy living is highly affordable and accessible.

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