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Mazoka’s first born to head Zambia Mission in UK

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Machenje Mazoka the Daughter to UPND Founder Anderson Mazoka will head one of Zambia’s biggest foreign missions, reports Asa Manda.
She is the first born Child to the late Anderson Mazoka. He had her with an American woman.
Machenje Mazoka was one of the Ambassadors and High Commissioners sown by President Hakainde Hichilema on Friday (yesterday). She will head the United Kingdom (UK) mission.
Zambian Eye Political Analyst in Lusaka says Machenje is not a common figure in Zambian politics. She was first seen at Mulungishi International Conference in 2005 when she spoke at an event Hichilema was being introduced into politics to contest the UPND presidential candidate race against then Vice president and Acting president Sakwiba Sikota.
At that event, she openly endorsed the candidature of Hichilema who was presented as the best replacement for Anderson Mazoka.
She had been working for a Television station in United States before relocating to South Africa after the death of her Father.
The next public appearance was according to our Political Analyst in 2015. She was photographed in SABC studio with Hichilema when she surprised showed up to greet the opposition leader. Hichilema was being hosted by SABC.
Her young Sister Mutinta Mazoka has actively been involved in politics.
Surprisingly, Mutinta after her father died, she married Veteran Journalist Fred M’membe. Dr M’membe who has since formed a political party was a radical critic of her Father.
She made attempts to vie as a parliamentary candidate on UPND ticket first in Lusaka then Monze the home Constituency of her late Father. She was however not adopted by UPND as they opted for long time serving Lawmaker and current Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Jack Mwiimbu.
Hichilema had appointed Mutinta in the National Management Committee (NMC), the highest organ of the party.
Recently she announced that she was quiting the UPND, the party the father founded. This was after UPND had formed Government and her Mother also called Mutinta is a nominated member of Parliament.
Zambian Eye, 11th March 2023.

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