Masumba, Mpombo pardon irks Tayali

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While we appreciate the prerogative of the President to grant to any person convicted of any offence pardon, either free or subject to lawful conditions according to Article 59 of the Constitution, we find the release of George Mpombo and Stephen Masumba idiosyncratic for a number of reasons.

This law is being abused by politicians to offer their criminal friends and associates, absolution and evasion from punishment.

The two former ministers who have been released were facing serious offenses of criminality for which they should have been allowed to receive their fair share of punishment to serve as deterrence to others.

Both of them never even showed remorse because they pleaded not-guilty when they knew very well that they had committed crime. By so doing, they wasted the courts’ time and resources which could have gone to other deserving citizens.

The wrath of the law should be applied to all citizens not just the poor people who are spending years in prison before their cases are disposed of. Others are innocently jailed for lack of legal representation or on petty cases like the youth who was jailed for stealing food worth K32 from a restaurant.

Zambians must also recall the incidence of violence involving Mubanga Chileshe and Samson Zulu who were assaulted by Judge Ngoma and others. Judge Ngoma was sentenced to prison but immediately Michael Sata came into power he released the convicts under the same article 59. Did the prerogative of mercy by the President serve justice to Mr. Chileshe and Mr. Zulu?

This abuse of Article 59, among others, is an example of how powerful the President is, in Zambia. The powers of the President in the Constitution need to be expurgated. We might be laboring in vain to speed up the constitution making process when such clauses have not been censored.

Chilufya Tayali



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