Maria Zaloumis talks about her divorce preceedings

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Maria Zaloumis

Prominent farmer Maria Zaloumis has issued the following press release on her divorce court proceedings:

My Position on the Divorce ProceedingsAs you may be aware, yesterday an article was posted on social media concerning my current divorce proceedings which were initiated through my lawyer.

As you may also be aware, this has caused untold numbers of comments and statements about the said proceedings which have also been peppered by many speculations, rumors, half truths and many lies about myself and the situation at hand.

I would therefore like to categorically state the following;

a) I shall not be available to discuss any matters relating to this case as it is in court and shall only issue a statement once all proceedings and a ruling have been concluded by the same courts.

b) I shall not retaliate nor dignify any comments or speculations regarding this matter until point (a) above is realizedc) I am aware that I have been labelled as bipolar by sections of social media – this is untrue. It is in public domain that I have and do suffer from bouts of depression (for which I medicate when necessary – though I haven’t done so for the last three months as at this statement)

c) Discussing and using mental health challenges as a weapon to ridicule someone (like myself) is most unfortunate and displays the levels of stigmatization as a woman and we as society still exhibit – this is extremely unfortunate and should discontinue.

I am therefore not going to be discussing this matter until the courts resolve it. I am aware that some pseudo accounts have been created on social media with the express duty of discrediting me. I however shall not dignify them with responses and rebuttals for now.

To all who follow my work (Zed Farmer), please take this as my heartfelt appeal and statement and ask that you ignore what you hear and read for now. I assure you that the truth will come out eventually.

To everyone else, please respect my privacy and allow me to go through this chapter of my life in the most amicable way possible. Please do not be the custodian and instrument used to spread falsehoods and evil about me. I know I can count on you to help me.

To those hell bent on denting and tarnishing my reputation, I can only ask that you be kind enough to remember that these situations happen to the best of us, and today it is I who is going through this, tomorrow it may be yourself or your loved one. Please take a moment to reflect before spreading these false stories or mocking me.

Thank you all and God bless.


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