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‘Maliciously critising UPND gvt could scare away investors’

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By Nkonkomalimba Kafunda

Barely seven months since assuming office, the UPND is faced with incessant criticism that would make a foreign visitor conclude that they have ben in charge of the country since independence.

The bulk of the disparagement, unfortunately, emanates from acolytes of the immediate past government, the same people who run the country aground.

While it is essential for democracy to have strong opposition for the requisite checks and balances, these poachers turned game keepers should be looked at critically as to their motives, which in this instance are largely malicious.

The same people who failed to lead the country into the future as a prosperous middle income country after inheriting a vibrant economy on the verge of Chinese style double digit growth are now saying the new government has failed, lamentably.

Honesty, sincerity, fair play and accuracy seem alien to the PF in opposition, not that they were known for veritas while in government.

The truth is their quest for wealth by whatever means left unprecedented levels of disorganization and disarray in the running of the country, which the new dawn is now unrevealing.

By the time the Zambian people, rightly and justifiably, booted them out, the PF had reached a level of disarray were they could not organise a drink up in a brewery.


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