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Making and Selling Items for Your Business

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Selling merchandise is an excellent entry-level business for young entrepreneurs. In most instances, these businesses can be launched from home with modest initial capital. Explore ideas for online products to sell so that you can launch your own business.

From beauty products to home decorations to valentines and wedding gifts like a rose teddy bear, we have listed below some items that you can sell in your wholesale business that will surely make a huge profit.

Wholesale Items You Can Make and Sell

  • Traditional artisanal products

The traditional markets for wood carving, embroidery, leather tooling, and furniture making are all thriving. The fallout against mass production is reviving trends in slow food, unique and custom-made goods, and artistry. Many of these disciplines need skills over time, but you can learn a new trade through online tutorials or college workshops.

  • T-shirts and other printed items

This is a maker enterprise for non-makers. If you’re looking for a (nearly) hands-off product to manufacture and sell, a t-shirt business may be for you. Your digital design can be printed on keychains, T-shirts, and mugs, and then shipped to your customers. Want a more handmade appearance? Consider mastering screen printing so that you can print your designs at home or in a studio.

  • Enamel pins

As the accessory trend persists, enamel pins remain a viable business opportunity. You will typically collaborate with a manufacturer to create enamel pins, but the design is up to you. Create your own or collaborate with a designer to carry your concept to life and launch your enterprise.

  • Cosmetics and Chapstick

Lip balm is one of the simplest products to make with materials you may already possess. To assemble simple formulations of beeswax and natural oils, only a heat source is required. Even though you don’t need elaborate equipment, you should ensure that your setup adheres to industry and safety standards. Collaborating with a reputable manufacturer or white-label producer may be necessary if you intend to expand your business to include additional cosmetics.

  • Bombs for the tub and handmade soaps

Making and selling bath bombs and soaps has a low barrier to entry as a craft. Online tutorials are an excellent starting point for learning, and commercial molds make assembly simple even if you lack imagination. Start with simple recipes for goods like bath salts before attempting formulations with emulsifiers and preservatives that are more complex.

  • Prints and arts

Artists have never had it better than they do today. Creator tools and e-commerce platforms enable artists to create and sell their works directly to their audiences. Online sales are possible for photography prints, paintings, textile art, digital printables, and sculpture.  Whether you intend to sell original fine art or replicas, determine the business model that will work best for you.

  • Tote bags

Like T-shirts, tote bags can be manufactured with minimal manual labor. Post your doodles or digital designs to a print-on-demand application, and your orders will be fulfilled automatically. You can make tote bags from scratch using canvas, reclaimed materials, or leather if you have sewing skills. In addition, try felting, screen printing, or applique to give them a special style.

  • Pet supplies

Making and selling items for pets is a lucrative business opportunity. Catnip toys, homemade dog treats, and pet collars are simple to make and sell from the comfort of your own home if you have a creative streak.

Create and sell!

There are numerous inventive ways to earn money by handcrafting and selling your goods. To find the ideal business idea, you must strike a balance between your current skill set, your passion, and market demand.

Domestic companies are the ideal launching pad for aspiring entrepreneurs. Begin as a side hustle to gain experience before leaping. You can determine your working hours, earn extra money, and reap the emotional benefits of building your dream.


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