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Lusambo, Malanji undefeatable in Kabushi, Kwacha constituency

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By Nkonkomalimba Kapumpe

They say “if you aim for the king you better not miss ” but what if its the king that throws and misses? The one who he “misses” becomes a hero.

Who would have thought people will be relieved to see a PF concourt win today? The reason is not that they want PF but want to use them to prevent UPND becoming worse than PF.

So if Malanji and Bowman stand, it will be almost impossible for you to beat them now in the by elections; this is of your own making. It will now take a Moutain after the con court ruling. People love an underdog who wins, casing point David.

And once you lose those two seats, Copperbelt is gone. Secondly on this very point, if you throw anything on these two from ECZ, ACC and DEC, it will have some political conquences on UPND. To be honest, your miscalculation is now painting a very mean and desperate people of yourselves and making the two martyrs.

If my friend was not involved I could have sorted this issue for you along time, yes ka boosting lol

Your know it all and political miscalculation ladies and Gentlemen might bring back PF 2026, if you are playing.

UPND has forgotten one thing that is key, that we partnered to remove PF. If they don’t partner with the Zambians but keep teasing, demeaning and mocking people….tuka fimba tu kapoke 2026.

UPND go back to the CALL, partner with Zambians. Otherwise this is how people start to lose power, yes this simple ka ….Ask ba PF or MMD that were so confident like you at one point .

You should make it about Zambians and not UPND. You have created a group for yourselves separate from the people, you consider yourselves special; hence isolating yourselves from the people.

Even those general ordinary members that fought for you don’t feel UPND today. There is special UPND now that labels everyone PF that cries or criticises.

No wonder that women that resisted getting a chitenji from Veep indicated that she is not PF, Zambia is not just PF and UPND. Ba UPND that 2.8 million only about 1 million can be truly be UPND members, the rest just voted for you and to keep them you should partner with them.

One year of just putting out fires and drama with your wife PF? That you can’t even explain to the people what you are trying to do for them. For all the 52 weeks of the year I can mention a political fire you were putting out that overshadowed what you were doing, time ka.

Just advising ka take it or leave it.In no excalt words from the old Kabushi lady ” even you guys will go, we have seen them all come and go”. Ello if PF comes back mamama we better run.

KK’s mistakes made FJT, Mwanawasa’s miscalculations set fire on Sata, Lungu’s mistakes made HH a superhero …I wonder who HH is making? It’s just nature and the way of life I guess.


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