“Lungu’s election is what needed unity Government”

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Lungu and HH

Veteran Journalist Kasebamachila Kaseba says the outcome of the elections in Congo DR does not need a Government of National Unity (GNU) as being suggested by President Lungu.

Kaseba says it is the disputed election of President Lungu in 2016 that needs a GNU. he says the Congo DR elections should be determined by the Constitutional Court since the petition has been filed.

President Lungu as Chair for Security and Politics organ in SADC called parties in DRC to consider forming a unity government to resolve the dispute.

But Kaseba says the Zambian situation in 2016 where the filed petition could not be head due to technicalities is where a unity government should have been formed.

“Why are you ignoring the constitution provision of a petition for GNU? EL election is what needed a GNU after the petition failed more than DRC election,” stated Kaseba in response to Dickson Jere a former presidential press aide who has endorsed President Lungu’s proposal of a unity government.


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  1. Totally agree. Let the due process of hearing the petition on the election results proceed. thereafter its the people of DRC who should see the need for GNU. How can we who failed to ensure due process within Zambia on the petition election and could not see the need for GNU after the botched constitutional court hearing, an outcome is still contested to date suggest for a GNU which we do not believe in. So hypocritical. And we are Christians. trying to remove the specks in our neighbour’s eyes yet our eyes careful of logs. SDAC should work on the observance of constitutional requirements and ensuring that due diligence in the hearing of the petition is done

    James Badoo
    January 14, 2019 at 9:07 pm

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