Lungu’s doesn’t deserve honorary doctorate in good governance

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The UPND has scoffed at the decision by the senate of the University of Zambia (UNZA) to confer President Edgar Lungu with an honorary doctorate in good governance, saying his governance record leaves much to be desired.

The country’s highest learning institution will during tomorrow’s graduation ceremony honour President Lungu and his Zimbabwean counterpart Emerson Mnangagwa, both of whom are UNZA alumni.

But in a statement made available to the media, UPND Media Director Ruth Dante said the party has not forgotten how it’s leader Hakainde Hichilema was arrested and detained on trumped up treason charges.

“Good governance with all these threats on the media, closure of The Post, suspension of Muvi TV and Prime TV,  incidents of journalists been threatened and one who drunk the urine of a PF cadre, who urinated in his mouth,” she said.

“The treason case of President Hakainde Hichilema without Investigations and more trumped charges on members of opposition leaders and their members. A doctorate of good governance for such. As UPND we have not forgotten about the impeachment motion because the reasons of President Edgar Lungu breaching the constitution are still valid.”

Dante said the four years of Lungu’s tenure has seen an escalation in Gender Based Violence; abuse of human rights and break down in the rule of law as well as institutionalized corruption, adding that elections under PF have been a source of conflict.

“It is so saddening that our  learned members of UNZA’s senate would stoop so low to confer an honorary doctorate on a leader whose rule has been marred with numerous crimes against the people he swore to protect,” the UPND Media Director said.

“The UPND wishes to put it on record that it does not agree with the University of Zambia (UNZA) Senate’s approval to confer Mr Edgar Lungu with an honorary doctorate degree in Good governance. We say so because the reasons being advanced  by the Senate such as good governance; a united country; upholding the rule of law; and road projects are still a pipe dream for millions of Zambians. The raping of the Constitution; the running down of institutions of governance; break down in the rule of law; failure to uphold and respect human rights; freedoms and human dignity; State sponsored political violence and homicide; imprudent use of public resources and misappropriation of funds are examples of his failed leadership  : and then you confer a doctorate on someone who’s responsible for all this?”


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  1. I think that Upnd is looking from an opposition party point of view. Lungu has logically followed all the human criteria in achieving the good governance trends in all fairness. He might have made a few human mistakes here and there but he has at least met the governance bench marks. The university of Zambia has some professional guidelines which govern their selection of individuals deserving to be honoured with such degrees. Leave academic issues with the people who are vest with such type of prowess. Continue politicking because that is your area of specialisation and not academic matters.

    Moses P. Sichula
    June 21, 2019 at 9:48 am

  2. By confeering a honorary doctorate on Lungu, UNZA has brought upon itself the worst reputational crisis in the institution’s history.
    Lungu has no iota of stellar governance record to deserve a honorary doctorate. If anything, Lungu’s terrible governance record is what has put Zambia–and UNZA in such a terrible socio-political and economic crisis.
    It is such an affront to some of us who hold doctorates with real academic prowess to show for it. Lungu has presided over Zambia’s wasted years and now to receive a doctorate is such a great shame to this country.

    Dr W.E.Kamirichiki
    June 21, 2019 at 4:47 pm

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