Lungu set for a miserable life after leaving presidency – UPND

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President Lungu

The UPND has reminded Edgar Lungu that there is life after State House and has predicted a miserable one for the President when his time to leave office comes.

The main opposition party says President Lungu’s miserable life will be of his own making due to the bad decisions he is making while occupying the country’s highest seat.

“Reminding Edgar Chagwa Lungu of his life when the Presidential baton is handed over cannot be a waste of time,” UPND media director Ruth Dante says in a write-up.

“Lungu has himself applied every ingredient of a troubled person who had every opportunity of leaving a legacy worth recounting.”

Dante states that the behavior of President Lungu’s surrogates such as Sunday Chanda, Amos Chanda, Kaizar Zulu and Antonio Mwanza will only worsen the misery that awaits him once he leaves Plot 1.

“Sunday Chanda’s ballistic rantings on President Hakainde Hichilema are a serious recipe of the woes of his employer Edgar Chagwa Lungu after Presidency.

“Edgar Chagwa Lungu should learn good practices from a few Icons on the Southern block of Africa. Tanzania’s John Magufuri and Botswana’s former President retired Lieutenant General Ian Khama are men of distinguished calibre and character which mentally and morally upright persons can emulate.

“Will Edgar Chagwa Lungu move freely and mingle with citizens like Ian Khama? No doubt Lungu will not be free when the fight against corruption is embarked on by the UPND Government.

“Sadly Edgar Chagwa Lungu wholeheartedly seems to be in a comfort zone with Antonio Mwanza, Sunday Chanda, Amos Chanda, Kaizer Zulu and others who have hidden the fact that the majority of the Zambian people can’t afford three meals in a day.”

Dante says the problems that are in store for Lungu are of his own making, warning that the President will be at the mercy of the same laws and state institutions he is abusing today.

“It is very clear that Edgar Lungu cannot read the times, that HH is the man of the time, no matter how much money is spent now, a misery after Presidency life is a self made architect which most leaders have initiated through corruption and breakdown of the rule of law.

“Lungu has forever forgotten that the very institutions he is abusing today will enforce and interpret the same law against him very soon as the case is with Former South African President Jacob Zuma.

“These PF loud speakers herein Sunday Chanda and Antonio Mwanza will have their batteries flat when PF leaves government in 2021.

“We are aware that you are running a rigid and an incorrigible government, but for the sake of the people whose election you robbed in 2016, try to heed the timely warnings on the economic melt down by the HH led team of the UPND.”

Dante writes that her party, the UPND, endeavors to provide a well researched counsel on the economy taking into account that hardships know no political party affiliation.

“When President Hakainde Hichilema recounts of the good governance record under late State Counsel President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, untamed bundles of political wolves are unleashed on an innocent Zambian, who is only offering himself to redeem the troubled nation.

“Despite the PF’s stiff neck on governance, UPND will not stop talking on behalf of the people. Let Sunday Chanda continue with his misguided statements, but he must remember that the time of reckoning is fast approaching.”

She urges President Lungu to prepare himself a decent life after Presidency, because the majority of those surrounding him will flee from his side.

“The ongoing state capture inquiry in South Africa is a good example to guide the Patriotic Regime that there comes a time when a government has to account for all atrocities committed, who knew that the Gupta family influence in South Africa would be laid bare so shall AVIC influence on constructions in Zambia be laid bare when time comes.

“Edgar Chagwa Lungu, heed the timely warnings because, being a President is not everlasting.”


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