Lungu sends former Intelligence Boss to Israel

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President Edgar Lungu has appointed and sworn in former Zambia Security Intelligence Service Director General Martin Chungu Mwanambale as Zambia’s ambassador to Israel.

President Lungu urged Mr. Mwanambale to focus on the kind of Israeli technology that will benefit the country.

He said his role was to see how best Zambia can benefit from the technology that exists in different sectors in Israel.

He was speaking during the swearing in ceremony for Mr. Mwanambale at State House in Lusaka today.

President Lungu said Zambia has a lot to learn from the use of the technology that Israel was advancing so as to improve the welfare of the region.

He also advised Mr. Mwanambale to learn from the defense of Israel and also help Zambia to develop in the technological sector.

The Head of State has further urged the newly appointed ambassador to take into account the changing weather pattern which the region was currently experiencing despite having fertile land.

He said despite the drought, there was need to find ways of securing the food that was produced locally by not relying on the rain season for crop production.

President Lungu has since congratulated Mr. Mwanambale and appealed to him to ably represent Zambia in Israel.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwanambale acknowledged the caution by the President to take advantage of the strong areas of Israel such as the abundance of technology and fertility of the land and


4 Responses to Lungu sends former Intelligence Boss to Israel

  1. We must not have any ties with Israel. KK didn’t have ties with Israel because he was principled. Their President doesnt want to recognise Palestine like he said in the US congress. When Iran says it doesnt recognise Israel the Israelis accuse Iran of all sorts of things. Israel wants to start a Third World War to fulfil misconceptions that they call The bible.

    Ba Ntamba Lukuta
    March 25, 2015 at 1:46 pm

  2. Very true. These middle eastern guys, arabs and jews, are so steeped in their superstitions they want the whole world to self destruct with them so they can confirm silly “prophecies”. We mustn’t follow them blindly

    March 25, 2015 at 9:54 pm

  3. Israel has much to offer the world Technology agriculture Medicine but the price the world has to pay is to much……We need stability in the middle eastern regions not hate and war

    April 18, 2016 at 2:02 pm

  4. The Appointment of Martin Chungu Mwanambale as Ambassador to Israel is worrisome. Mwanambale is a protege of Xavier Chungu, the Master Mind of OP’s Hidden Agenda.
    The ultimate goal of OP’s Hidden Agenda is to take over,directly or indirectly,the reigns of Political Power in Zambia – Just like has happened and still happening in Egypt, Turkey, Costa Rica and other countries where their intelligence exert undue influence over their governments.
    In Zambia, the OP has gone beyond the status of being a state within a State – It is the State, with a Figurehead president,like in Turkey.
    In Zambia, anyone,including Presidents, who interferes with or is considered a stumbling block to OP’s Hidden Agenda,becomes an ‘Enemy of the State'(OP), tagged as a Targeted Individual (TI)and destined for Torture and Permanent Elimination.
    OP’s weapons of choice against TIs include: Radiological, Biological, Chemical and Psychological weapons; Unethical Human, Air, and Electronic Surveillance;Smear Campaigns, Isolation and Alienation;Disinformation; Blocking all efforts to earn a living -PHDs-Pull Him Down Syndrome; OP HIT SQUADS and Hired Foreign Assassins (Mubarak Thugs); Witch-hunting and planting incriminating evidence on TIs; Use of children, students,Teachers, Youths, Clergy, Neighbors and friends in OP’s Criminal activities; Use of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Weapons to cause Cancer,Insanity, paralysis, and impotence, Torture,irreparable damage to vital body organs and death; Use of EMR together with satellite technology to Track, Monitor, Eavesdrop, Torture, Cause planned Air and Road Traffic Accidents and killing innocent people; etc
    Some TIs or victims of OP have died without knowing what had hit them. These include late Presidents Mwanawasa and Sata. Both died before expiry of their tenure of offices. They didn’t die of Natural causes. They were hoodwinked and duped to their deaths by OP.Thorough Forensic postmortems would confirm induced death and Foul Play.
    Some TIs who are still alive, are unwell, paralyzed, suffering and just waiting for death.They don’t know that the OP is behind their plight- because of the invisible nature of Radiation, Poisons, Toxic Gasses, and Clandestine nocturnal criminal activities, some victims are suspecting Witchcraft and resorted to Witchdoctors. Those who know that they are victims of OP, are scared to point accusing fingers at OP.
    I’m a TI and aware that I am a victim of Torture and gross human rights violations. I’m being subjected to painful, torturous and Deadly Radiation emitted from EMRs; I have been Poisoned and Gassed; I have survived planned Road Traffic Accidents; I have eluded OP Hit Squads and hired foreign assassins;I’m enduring deprivation, torture, indignities, injustice and ill health.
    Due to prolonged exposure to Deadly Radiation, my health is rapidly deteriorating. I’m dying. Ineed urgent medical attention to salvage what has remained of me.
    This is a Credible National Alert and earnest SOS appeal for intervention and redemptive action from the incumbent President ,Mr Edgar C Lungu.
    Alas, President Lungu, who is also a TI, has not responded to my appeal for presidential intervention and protection. He is under undue influence of the OP. In fact he is not the only one.
    Both Mwanawasa and Sata were timely alerted about OP having an Hidden Agenda and OP being the biggest threat to the Health and Tenure of offices of Presidents, Freedoms and Lives of people in Zambia,including Foreign Dignitaries in Zambia. Anyone who listens to OP would be doing so at own peril. Both Mwanawasa and Sata were timely warned about OP.
    Mwanawasa did react by publicly denouncing OP and suspending Reggis M Phiri, then Director General of OP. But Mwanawasa made a fatal mistake to reinstate Phiri who reacted with vengeance and Mwanawasa was no more,to the delight of Xavier Chungu, who was an arch enemy of Mwanawasa.
    Sata thought he had a grip on the OP- he was wrong. He didn’t know that the OP were out to kill him.When he appointed Chungu as PS for Luapula,the people there rejected him.Sata appointed Martin Mwanambale as Director General of OP. Mwanambale is a protege of Xavier Chungu.
    When Lungu came to power,he kept Mwanambale, but later removed him and sent him to Israel.
    Israel has an advanced version of the EMR which is already on Zambian soil, thanks to Mwanambale.
    +26 096 268 8489

    Col Simeo G Musonda (Retd)
    November 4, 2016 at 12:46 am

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