Lungu must stop calling Zambians lazy – UPND

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The UPND has sharply disagreed with President Edgar Lungu’s assertions that Zambians are lazy people that only want to complain to Government to help them.

President Lungu remarked during a trip to Eastern Province recently that Zambians have a talent for complaining while having a lazy attitude towards work and expecting government to do everything for them.

But the UPND is appalled by the President’s comments, reminding him that it is his duty to deliver services to citizens using the resources they contribute in form of taxes.

“We find these words not only outrightly false but also demeaning and very disrespectful to citizens that are going through a very rough time caused by the mismanagement of national resources and corrupt activities of Mr Lungu and his buddies in Government,” says UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka.

“It is his duty as President to manage the welfare of the people of Zambia using the country’s resources which the same citizens he is insulting contribute.

“This is the money Edgar Lungu is wasting on programmes benefitting him and not the people of Zambia.

‘Zambians have a right to demand for services, they are the owners of the resources and he Edgar is their servant but unfortunately for PF, it is the other way round the people have instead become servants, am happy Lusaka have already given him a signal, let him ask Rupiah who too went around pointing at roads health centres which PF is also doing but because they were hungry they showed him the door out,”

Mucheleka says contrary to President Lungu’s claims, Zambians are by nature very resilient, enterprising, and a hard working people, adding: “A single mother who wakes up at the crack of dawn to walk 6 miles to Soweto market to order fresh produce to sell by the roadside to raise money, to feed her 5 children and send them to school, cannot be described as lazy.

“The beans and rice trader from Nakonde who sleeps for weeks, in the cold open space, on top of the bags of his merchandise at city market, cannot be termed as a lazy good for nothing grumbler.

“The livestock trader from Mapanza who braves dangerous thugs at Chibolya market, until he sells his last goat cannot be classified as lazy bones.

“The examples are too numerous to mention, including the girl child in Senia Township in Ndola, who reads under candle light to study for her matriculation. This is the heritage, the spirit and the passion for hard work which Zambians are known for and we should all be proud of them, and vilify them through false claims of laziness Lungu is labelling them with.”

Mucheleka says only a leader without a vision and who cannot see such visible positive attitudes and attributes of his citizens can call them lazy, adding: “It’s a leader that is blinded by the corruptly and ill gotten wealth stolen from the bare bruised backs of the very same poor people he is insulting, that can utter such venomous words.”

He further reminds President Lungu that the very people he is insulting made him rich and famous.

“Mr Lungu, it is these same citizens you mock and deluge that have made you rich and famous and enabled you own properties in foreign lands, from their little earnings which you and your friends mercilessly tax and steal.

“A leader who tells his people to stop complaining is a disastrous failure and a coward, because complaints by the governed are generated by persistent failure to resolve issues by the governors. A President who orders his people to stop complaining is one who has run out of ideas and solutions and has no vision to go forward. Such a leader must step aside and let those that have solutions to various challenges facing the people take over the reigns of power,” said Mucheleka in a statement today.


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