Lungu must address the nation, demand NDC

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National Democratic Congress (NDC) National Youth Chairperson Charles Kabwita has urged the newly appointed Presidential Spokesperson Isaac Chipampe to organise a press conference for President Edgar Lungu.

In a statement dated June 20, Kabwita noted that the president has not hosted a single press conference for the past 12 months.

He said President Lungu must interact with both local and foreign Journalist to clarify many things happening under his leadership.

“As NDC, we want to urge the newly appointed Presidential spokesperson Isaac Chipampe to consider organizing a press briefing for President Edgar Lungu. Mr. Lungu has NEVER had any press briefing in the last 12 months. We want President Lungu to interact with both local and foreign journalists so that he can ¬†have the opportunity to discuss and explain salient pressing National matters,” Kabwita said.

“Both media practitioners from private and public organizations be invited to the presser. We are concerned as NDC that Mr. Lungu seems to be dodging the press. Immediate past State House Spokesperson Amos Chanda vehemently failed to avail the Head of State before pressmen. Mr. Lungu should be bold enough to answer press questions that he has conspicuously been dodging.”

Kabwita also observed that President Lungu only speaks to the press during his short time when getting on or disembarking from the plane at the airport.

“It is worth promulgating that every time the Head of State speaks particularly at the airport, his answers are mostly elusive. The mare fact that Mr. Lungu is dodging the media leaves most citizens in suspends and only brews speculation,” the opposition youth leader said.

“We suggest that the said Press briefing should be broadcast live for the whole nation to watch. President Lungu is the only Head of State in this country who has repeatedly been avoiding press conferences. The televised press briefing will help citizens understand what exactly Mr. Lungu is doing at State House and the nation in general will have an opportunity to judge where he is leading the country.”


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