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Lungu must accept reality, he is losing the elections – GBM

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Bauleni - GBMUPND presidential running mate GBM has charged the political violence alleged sponsored by the PF are signs that the ruling party and it’s leader Edgar Lungu are headed for defeat in the August elections.

Commenting on the heightened political violence in the country, GBM says President Lungu must accept reality that he has lost.

Below is the statement:

The shooting and killing of Mapenzi Chibulo by Zambia Police is a clear demonstration of a failed state under President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

The killing of Mapenzi clearly reveals intentional violence sponsored by the ruling party in order to prevent a free and fair election hence the use of live ammunition by Zambia police on unarmed and innocent citizens.

The use of live ammunition by Police and loss of life of our members under President Edgar Lungu amounts to crimes against humanity and we call upon the international community to intervene before all lives of the opposition are lost.

We also wish to reiterate that as the biggest opposition political party we have with immediate effect resolved to write to the SADC, UN and International Criminal Court to begin investigating President Edgar Lungu over incidents such as the shooting and killing of the young lady whose body is lying in UTH mortuary including the young man who was shot in the leg.
While the other two sustained deep cuts from pangas, screw drivers and machetes.

The list also includes ;

Davies Chama shooting in Sesheke
Attempt to assassinate President HH at a radio station in Ndola
Brutal murder of Grayzer Matapa
Hacking of our members for wearing party regalia
Terrorist attack of UDF President Miles Sampa
Attack of a helicopter in Shiwangandu
Our officials who were attacked together with journalists for reporting on registration of foreigners as voters in eastern province,

All incidents mentioned above happened under President Lungu’s hands and so one does not need to further explain and conclude that Zambia has become a failed state were fundamental rights and freedom of citizens have been set aside at the expense of President Lungu remaining in power.

We now wish to call on Zambians to prepare and show President Edgar Lungu the exit before he plunges this country into chaos.

We as UPND believe that in a democratic dispensation the rule of law must be upheld and fundamental rights of citizens respected.

“President Edgar Lungu must accept reality that he has lost the coming elections” .

We have gone round the country and we are very optimistic beyond reasonable doubt that Zambians have decided to vote for a progressive party to redeem them from poverty and the crisis created by President Lungu.

President Lungu should not politicise the gospel and hide in the bible because it is evident that he is blood thirsty and ready to kill to remain in power .

“Zambians know who is God fearing between the opposition and President Lungu,remember God is watching.

When we come into power in the next five weeks, we shall allow the people of Zambia to govern themselves and enjoy their rights as enshrined in the constitution of Zambia.


Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba

UPND Vice President for Administration/ Runningmate


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